Best Places to Donate Books in DC

If you find your shelves overflowing with titles you no longer need, or if you’re simply clearing out old kids’ books, then these are the best places to donate your gently used books in DC.

Sadly, there is no information on whether the DC Library System accepts book donations, but there are still a wide variety of nonprofits and bookshops that will take your books off your hands.

Read on to see all the locations, which types of books they do, and don’t accept, and how to donate!

Turning the Page

Donation Types: Drop off, Pick up from you
Pop-Up Store Location:
1350 I Street NW
Hours: Tuesday-Thursday 12-6pm
Other Drop Off Locations: Multiple other sale locations. See their website.
Type of Books Accepted: Books in all languages and ages
Type of Books Not Accepted: Magazines, journals, dictionaries, encyclopedias, textbooks more than 10 years old
Website: Turning the Page

How to Donate

This nonprofit hosts a range of book sales that accept donations, as well as their pop up store address above.

If you have more than 5 boxes full of books, they’ll also collect from you which is super convenient. Fill out the donation pick up form on their site for this.

How Turning the Page Helps

Since their inception in 1998, TTP has distributed more than 125,000 books and worked with over 7,000 families in the area to improve children’s literacy levels.

They connect volunteers with struggling children and families for one-on-one reading time, as well as host events and even get authors on board for some. Any books you donate will be gladly received by their numerous programs.

dc book donations
A Turning The Page event

DC Books to Prisoners

Donation Type: Drop off
Location: Foundry United Methodist Church, 1500 16th Street NW, Washington DC 20036
Hours: Wednesdays 6-8pm in the room in the basement
Type of Books Accepted: Paperback books in Spanish and English, National Geographics post-2000, comic books; check their site for current needs
Website: DC Books to Prisoners

How to Donate

Drop your books off at the Foundry United Methodist Church. Bear in mind that this organization works to get books to incarcerated inmates across the country, therefore only paperback/softback books are accepted.

How DC Books to Prisoners Helps

Just check out the Notes from Prison section on their website to see the impact good quality literature can have on inmates. They are so grateful to receive books, as prison libraries are often understocked.

Free Minds Book Club

Donation Type: Drop off, Mail In
1816 12th Street NW, Washington, DC 20009
Type of Books Accepted: Paperback books only, particularly Spanish language books, young adult books, poetry, urban fiction, joke books, cartoons, how-to books, career books, thesauri, dictionaries, SAT & GED books, biographies
Website: Free Minds Book Club

How to Donate

This organization accepts mail donations, and you can also drop off in person at their above address. As they don’t have any info on opening hours, it’s probably best to email them to arrange a time for a book drop off:

How Free Minds Book Club Helps

This is a program that works with formerly incarcerated youths and adults, introducing them to not only reading but writing, through a number of community workshops and initiatives. 

Racial justice is one of the organization’s primary goals, and they also run job training and placement programs to help recently released young people gain important life skills. It’s great to see them using books and reading to do this!

donate books to free minds book club in dc
Donated books celebrating diversity at Free Minds Book Club

Montgomery County Public Libraries

Donation Type: Drop off, Pick up from you, Drop off in book bin, Trade/exchange
Locations (see link below for opening hours):
– Chevy Chase
– Connie Morella
– Damascus
– Davis
– Germantown
– Kensington Park (Limit 2 boxes or bags)
– Long Branch
– Olney
– Potomac
– Quince Orchard (Limit 1 box or bag)
– Rockville Memorial
– White Oak
Type of Books Not Accepted: Out of date textbooks, encyclopedias, magazines
Website: Montgomery County MD

How to Donate

Maryland still counts, right!? The Montgomery County Library Friends would be happy to take your gently used books at all of their locations above. See their website for each branch’s opening hours.