If you’re looking to donate books in Richmond, this is some required reading!

Here you’ll find all the information on where to donate, from libraries to nonprofits that serve the community, and what types of books are, and aren’t, accepted at each organization.

Children’s Museum Book Bank

Donation Type: Drop off
2626 West Broad St., Richmond, VA 23220
Hours: By appointment
Type of Books Accepted: Children’s books
Type of Books Not Accepted: Magazines, encyclopedias, school textbooks, old books
Website: Children’s Museum of Richmond

How to Donate

Fill out the donation form on their website, which can be found at the link above. Then, arrange a time to drop you books off by contacting Joe Torrence: jtorrence@cmorva.org

The nonprofit also encourages you to host book drives, and can provide you with the help to set one up. 

Their famous ‘Book Buggy’ frequently visits classrooms and organizations in the community, helping low income children get access to quality books and instilling a love for reading in them.

children's program in richmond
Book donations help fund these programs!

ReEstablish Richmond

Donation Type: Drop off (arrange time)
2920 W. Broad Street, Richmond, VA 23230
Hours: Email to arrange a drop off time
Type of Books Accepted: Books in English, as well as Arabic, Dari, Farsi, French, Nepali, and Swahili
Type of Books Not Accepted: Children’s books
Website: ReEstablish Richmond

How to Donate

Email Tessa Packer, the donation program’s administrative assistant, at tessa@reestablishrichmond.org

ReEstablish Richmond works to acclimatize foreign and/or refugee adults into society in America. As a result, they don’t require children’s books, however any nonfiction or mass-market fiction books would be useful for the people the program works with, as books can help them pick up the English language.

Friends of the Richmond Public Library

Donation Type: Drop off
101 E Franklin St, Richmond, VA 23219
Hours: Two ‘dive-thru’ book drives per year, also can accept books by appointment
Type of Books Accepted: Hardcover and paperback books, children’s books
Type of Books Not Accepted: Textbooks, magazines, Reader’s Digest
Website: RVA Library Friends

How to Donate

The Friends host two ‘drive-thru’ book drives where you can conveniently pull up to the loading deck behind the main library twice a year. You’ll need to keep an eye on their social pages for updates on exactly when these dates will be.

If you can’t wait, they do accept donations by appointment, but we assume you would need at least a few bags or boxes for this. Email them to arrange a drop off: Friends@RVALibraryFriends.org

donate books richmond
Got books!? Credit: Richmond Public Library

Richmond Center for Christian Study

Donation Type: Drop off
Redemption Books, 3008 Stony Point Road, Richmond, VA 23235
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 11am-5:30pm
Type of Books Accepted: Classic literature, children’s books, theology books, cultural books
Website: Redemption Books

How to Donate

Though a Christian center, they don’t appear to be picky about only taking religious books, and sell a range of used books through the Redemption Bookstore. Just drop your books off here at the hours above.

Richmond is also home to no fewer than six, yes six, used bookstores that offer you a variety of trade-in or exchange options, for store credit or cash in hand. This list is purely composed of places that accept donations. And, how wonderful to see so many great organizations that will take your used books off your hands in Richmond.

Perhaps it’s not surprising that one of the oldest cities in America boasts a great book donation scene, and I hope your older titles will go on to find worthy new homes through one of these organizations!