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There are a host of organizations, libraries, and nonprofits who can all benefit from kind donations across the keystone state.


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You’ll notice the larger cities such as Philadelphia and Pittsburgh have their own pages with a lot of options. On this page, we’ve listed some other notable organizations across the state of Pennsylvania.


Harrisburg Book Donations

This service is great for Harrisburg residents. Get in touch with them, and they’ll arrange a time to collect your books.

Donation Type: Pick up
Opening Hours: Arrange a pick up date on their website
Website: Harrisburg Book Donations

AAUW State College Book Donations


The American Association of University Women will gladly take donations at their Used Book Workshop (address below.) They host a Used Book Sale about twice a year to raise money for the charity.

Donation Type: Drop off (bins or in-store)
Location: 2197 High Tech Road, State College, PA 16801
Opening Hours: Monday 6PM-8PM, Tues-Wed 9AM-2:30PM
Type of Books Accepted: Most, but read below
Type of Books Not Accepted: Encyclopedias, dictionaries, old textbooks/travel books/law books, magazines, catalogs, old library books
Website: AAUW State College