The Literary Tube Map of London

In 2019, I created the Literary Tube Map of London. The map replaces names of stations with the names of famous books set in that area.

I’m pleased to say the map lives on here, albeit at a slightly lower resolution than the original. Open the image below in a new tab to get the optimal quality.

Most Featured Authors

Charles Dickens led the way, perhaps unsurprisingly, with no fewer than seven (7) titles featured on the map.

It was interesting to view the “territories” that certain authors covered geographically. Victorian authors haunted the Piccadilly Line, with novels such as Dracula and Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde dotting the navy blue, while Zadie Smith can lay claim to the northern end of the Jubilee Line with titles NW and White Teeth.

In total, there were over a hundred books mapped to stations around London, showing the city’s rich and vibrant literary history.

Praise for the Literary Tube Map

London Evening Standard; 18 May 2019
Secret London; May 14 2019

Secret London picked the map up almost immediately, closely followed by a written and video feature in the London Evening Standard.

What was particularly pleasing to see was featured authors themselves praising and interacting with the content on social media. None other than Neil Gaiman himself had some kind words to say about the map!