If you’re a parent, there’s no doubt you’ve been awoken throughout the night by your little one feeling unsettled! We understand the frustration when it’s the early hours of the morning and you’re struggling to get your baby back to a peaceful sleep in their cot. 

While rocking your baby may be the first point of call, it has been proven that singing to your little one has so many benefits for helping them settle! Even if they are happily awake during the day, it’s the perfect exercise to keep them happy.

Here, I go into the importance of singing to babies and why you should make singing to your baby a regular activity in your home!

A Special Bond is Created Between You Both 

There’s no better way to create a special bond with your little one in the early months of their life by singing to them! While babies are learning to understand faces, sounds and the world around them, hearing your voice sing to them regularly helps them become familiar with your sound.

Your voice ultimately becomes the most recognizable to your little one, helping them learn that you love them! It’s a lovely way to communicate with your little one before they learn to speak.  

Babies Start to Learn Rhythm

One of the best ways to kickstart children’s development is to get them familiar with rhythm! Understanding rhythm keeps children engaged and focused, preparing them for learning with song when they begin kindergarten. Since babies get accustomed to sounds in the womb right at the beginning of their lives, all babies are in some way musical, so singing to your little one enhances their understanding of melody!

benefits of singing to babies

Babies Become Familiar With New Words

Since babies can get used to the words they hear often in their everyday life more easily, singing to them is a chance to get them used to new words and sounds that are less familiar. This helps your little one develop their understanding of language and sentence structure!

Babies Can Begin to Learn Their Own Name

One of the best benefits of singing songs to babies is the chance for them to get to know who they are! Singing to your baby is even better when you’re able to personalize the song for them. 

Putting your baby’s name in the song can help them get familiar with their own name! We also recommend personalizing baby book inscriptions, which I cover in my post on baby book inscription ideas.

Helps Develop Listening Skills

Engaging with your baby and singing to them is a great way to help develop their listening skills! Singing is a fantastic way to get your babies attention and keep them focused on you as they listen to you sing the words. They learn how to sit there and listen while another person is communicating, giving them a kickstart for later in life. 

importance of singing to babies

Helps With Brain Development 

A study has shown that singing to your baby is a fantastic way to enhance their brain development! Lullabies in particular can help enhance a babies’ attention and their display of positive emotions towards their parents. Singing has a great effect on the way in which babies begin to make sense of their parents and the world around them, which means by singing, you are able to start this development as soon as possible!

Singing is Playful and Fun 

Besides all the developmental benefits of singing, singing to your baby can add joy to the mundane activities of everyday life! Whether it’s driving in the car or making lunch, singing to your little one is a fun way to keep you both entertained throughout the day!

Your baby will be kept smiley and happy while spending time with you, no matter what chore you’re getting done. It’s a super fun way to enjoy time together and appreciate the small joys in life! 

Gets Your Baby Moving 

Often when babies hear the sound of  music and singing, they start to move around and make gestures like clapping their hands! This means singing helps improve and develop their motor skills.

This is one of the best combinations of babies and singing, since they can happily move around and ultimately improve their health and wellbeing! 

Keeps Babies Calm 

While babies can be restless at any time of the day, singing is the perfect way to keep them as calm as possible, especially when they might be throwing a little tantrum! The sound of singing will distract your baby from their crying and begin to help them wind down.

It’s actually been proven that singing helps calm babies down more than talking to them! The positivity and calmness in your own voice when you sing to your baby is perfect for helping them feel calm themselves.

Creates a Fun Bedtime Cue

Why is singing to babies important? It can help them get to know their routine! Bringing singing into your routine can help your little one get used to a routine and know when it’s time to settle down! Hearing your voice sing at a certain time of the day lets them know it’s time to wind down and they can begin to prepare themselves to sleep. 

Can’t Sing? No Worries!

Singing to your baby does not require you to have a fantastic voice at all! If you feel like your voice isn’t up to scratch, you can still have fun and sing to your little one to help them experience the most amazing benefits.

Your baby will just be happy to hear your voice, and honestly, they are loving it! To your baby, it doesn’t matter what you sound like, they’re just over the moon to hear their loving parents’ voices. 

You can also sing whatever you like to your baby! As long as you’re singing smoothly and calmly, it doesn’t matter what the song is. Nursery rhymes and popular lullabies are usually the go-to favorites, but you can find many other fun songs in baby books that will be perfect for your baby! Even better when their name is directly in the tale! 

Benefits of Singing to Babies: The Sparknotes:

  • A special bond is created between you both 
  • Babies start to learn rhythm
  • Babies become familiar with new words
  • Babies can begin to learn their own name
  • Helps develop listening skills
  • Helps with brain development 
  • Singing is playful and fun 
  • Gets your baby moving 
  • Keeps babies calm 
  • Creates a fun bedtime cue