If you’re looking to “research” where to donate your old books in Durham, and Chapel Hill, look no further.

Following on from our look at where to donate books in Charlotte, we turn our attention to the research triangle and highlight five excellent organizations who are willing to take your books off you in Durham and Chapel Hill.

We give comprehensive information such as the type of donation, how to donate, and which books are accepted. Please note that we prioritize organizations that dedicate time and resources to aiding literacy in their local communities.

Book Harvest

Donation Type: Drop off in book bin
Primary Location:
2501 University Dr, Durham, NC 27707
Hours: 24/7
Other Locations:
– Clifton and Mauney Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry, Chapel Hill
– Flyleaf Books, Chapel Hill
– Kidzu Children’s Museum, Chapel Hill
– The Regulator Bookshop, Durham
– Millennium Sports Club, Durham
– Locopops, Durham
– Durham Academy (Lower School and Middle School), Durham
– Monarch Movement Company, Hillsborough
– NoRa Cafe, Raleigh
Type of Books Accepted: Children’s books, baby books, board books, picture books, young adult books
Type of Books Not Accepted: Religious books, activity/coloring books, old library books, grown-up books
Website: Book Harvest

How to Donate

The main Book Harvest location is the 24/7 book bin drop off. The local businesses listed above have book bins, which will be available during each store’s opening hours, so please check the individual locations for hours.

Book Harvest are particularly interested in receiving donations of multicultural children’s books, showcasing diversity in kids’ literature.

book harvest

Some of the Book Harvest Initiatives

I say some, because there’s too many great things this nonprofit is doing to rattle off here before we move onto the next option!

Obviously, they focus on improving reading skills in children in the Durham area, but some of the ways they do this is truly unique, such as the “laundromat literacy” program where Book Harvest partners with laundromats to create safe reading corners for kids and parents to read while in the laundromat.

The nonprofit also constructs “community bookshelves” in local businesses, and supports classroom libraries by donating books to public schools: a truly local initiative that cares about closing the literacy gap in children from all backgrounds.

NC Women’s Prison Book Project

Donation Type: Pick up from you
Type of Books Accepted: New or like-new paperback books, mass market fiction, true crime, blank coloring books, daily devotionals, astrology, urban fiction
Type of Books Not Accepted: Hardcover books
Website: NCWPB

How to Donate

The Prison Book Project is really looking for new or like-new books, in paperback, due to the strict guidelines for sending the books onto inmates.

Email them to arrange a time for a volunteer to pick up your books: ncwomensprisonbooks@gmail.com

The organization is doing amazing work to get books in the hands of incarcerated female inmates all across the state. We recommend sending books to prisoners through a registered nonprofit like this, as they receive letters from inmates and can tailor their care packages to suit the literary needs of the prisoners. A second chance through books is something we can all get behind.

donated books in durham nc
The program is reliant on donations to keep these shelves well stocked!

Friends of Chapel Hill Public Library

Donation Type: Drop off
100 Library Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Hours: Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday 9am-5pm
Type of Books Not Accepted: Magazines, encyclopedias, textbooks, older dictionaries and reference books
Website: Friends of CHPL

How to Donate

The library staff parking lot has a designated location drop off. The door of the donation room is signposted, and you can even get a tax receipt form behind the door if you want to write these off while supporting the local Chapel Hill library.

Books Among Friends (Durham County Library)

Donation Type: Drop off
Primary Location:
3825 S. Roxboro St., Durham, NC 27713
Hours: Tuesday and Saturday 12-3pm
Type of Books Not Accepted: Magazines, Reader’s Digest, encyclopedias
Website: Friends of Durham County Library

How to Donate

This is the fundraising branch of the Durham County Library, with the store at the above address managed by the Library friends. 

They accept drop off donations at the times above only, and can handle multiple boxes of heavy books if need be.

I believe Books Among Friends used to have a location at the Northgate Mall, but this is no longer in use according to their website.

TROSA Thrift Store

Donation Type: Drop off
3500 N Roxboro St, Durham, NC 27704
Hours: Wed-Fri 12-6pm; Sat 10am-6pm
Type of Books Accepted: Doesn’t specify; assume any book in gently used condition
Website: TROSA Thrift Store

How to Donate

Though not a book-specific charity, this is a really worthwhile cause, as TROSA is a program that helps adults recover from substance abuse in Durham and Winston-Salem.

Supporting a cause like this by donating to their thrift store can truly help those less fortunate who have struggled with addiction.