You’ve turned to the right page if you want to donate books in Springfield (Illinois, that is!)

This town boasts two libraries that accept book donations, as well as a number of used book stores where you can exchange books, giving you plenty of options for any type of book that you no longer want taking up space on your shelves!

Brookens Library (University of Illinois, Springfield)

Donation Type: Drop off
Location: One University Plaza, Springfield, Illinois, 62703
Hours: Mon-Thu 9-10; Fri 9-4; Sun 2-10
Type of Books Accepted: Books, audiobooks
Website: Brookens Library 

How to Donate

The Friends of Brookens Library will collect your books in the library during opening hours.

Why We Love Brookens Library

Any books that they can’t sell in a book sale within two years will be donated to Better World Books!

This is awesome because not only does it ensure they have fresh stock and are able to accept a ton of donations, but they give to a really great program that helps to fund literacy in underdeveloped countries across the world.

If you’re headed East at any point, why not check out the seven awesome ogranizations we feature on our guide to Chicago book donations!

Lincoln Library Alliance

Donation Type: Drop off
Location: 326 S. 7th Street, Springfield, IL 62701
Hours: Mon-Wed 10-8; Thu-Sat 10-5; Sun 1-5
Type of Books Not Accepted: Textbooks, magazines and catalogs, encyclopedias, old travel guides
Website: Lincoln Library Alliance

How to Donate

Drop your books off in the donation bin in the foyer of the Lincoln Library. If you have a larger donation (think more than a few boxes worth) please call ahead of time to arrange the best way to drop your boxes off.

The Library will be happy to give you a tax receipt for your donation.

Why We Love Lincoln Library Alliance

The Lincoln Library Alliance was previously the “Land of Lincoln Bookshare” which was an awesome book exchange initiative in Springfield, and has since merged with the public library. 

The previous Lincoln Bookshare operation had several donation spots around Springfield that you can find on our book donation map of America. It’s not abundantly clear if these are still in operation, so your safest bet will be dropping books at the library.

land of lincoln bookshare
Land of Lincoln Bookshare, now part of the Lincoln Library

The Book Rack

Donation Types: Drop off, trade/exchange
Location: 2943 W White Oaks Dr # 3, Springfield, IL 62704
Hours: Mon-Fri 10-6; Sat 10-5
Type of Books Accepted: Books in good enough condition for resale
Facebook Page: The Book Rack

How to Donate

The Book Rack is a vibrant bookstore in Springfield, and they will evaluate your used books and see if they have a resale value, then compensate you accordingly.

This would be the go-to option should you be looking to get a little something in exchange for donating your books in Springfield.

Prairie Archives

Donation Types: Drop off, trade/exchange
Location: 522 E Adams St, Springfield, IL 62701
Hours: Monday through Saturday, 10-5
Type of Books Accepted: Most types of books, as well as manuscripts, comics, posters, postcards (see all accepted donations below)
Website: Prairie Archives

How to Donate

Bring your books/collectibles down to their location on E Adams for an evaluation, if you’re looking to exchange.

The Prairie Archives stands apart from other options in Springfield as they do accept collectibles and comics, as well as manuscripts and other things like postcards. They can be a good option for obscure things you may have lying around, too!

If you’re unsure whether on not they’ll take what you have, you can send them an email at:

The Elf Shelf Books & Music

Donation Types: Drop off, trade/exchange
Location: 413 E Adams St, Springfield, IL, United States, 62701-1476
Facebook Page: Elf Shelf

How to Donate

Though they don’t provide too much info, Elf Shelf are another locally loved used book store accepting trade-ins/exchanges that you can find downtown in Springfield.