Have you reached that chapter in your life where you’re looking to give away your used books?

Well, if you’re looking for places to donate books in Las Vegas, we’ve got you covered. Sin City may be known for other things, but there are plenty of places to donate your books, and these organizations are doing fantastic work to keep books in the local community!

Spread the Word Nevada

Donation Type: Drop off in book bin
Primary Location: Spread the Word Warehouse, 1065 American Pacific Drive, Suite 160, Henderson, NV 89074
Other Locations: Findlay Chevrolet, Findlay Honda, Las Vegas Books, PostNet, Springs Preserve, United Way of Southern Nevada
Type of Books Accepted: Pre-k-5th grade children’s books
Type of Books Not Accepted: Coloring books, encyclopedias
Website: Spread the Word Nevada

How to Donate

Their book bins are located at a multitude of local businesses around Las Vegas. You can also bring the books directly to their warehouse above.

Spread the Word encourages you to host book drives, which can be a great volunteer opportunity for businesses to get involved with. The organization will pick up your boxes if you host a book drive.

Why We Love Spread the Word Nevada

Operating in both Vegas and Reno, Spread the Word aims to get free books in the hands of children who may not have access to books. They also run a variety of literacy programs for children who need extra support outside the classroom.

One such program is their Books & Buddies initiative, which pairs a volunteer one-on-one with a child at a number of participating schools for a relaxed “reading time.” They are really passionate about getting books into the Las Vegas community, and are such a worthwhile cause to support.

donated books used in a spread the word event
Spreading the word, and the love // Credit: Spread The Word Nevada

Donate Books Las Vegas

Donation Type: Pick up from you
Hours: Call to schedule a collection
Type of Books Not Accepted: Magazines, encyclopedias, newspapers
Website: Donate Books Las Vegas

How to Donate

This independent organization is a great option if you want to have your books picked up. Bear in mind, you need to have over 50 books for the collection. 

Why We Love Donate Books Las Vegas

Despite being relatively inconspicuous about where the books go, they assure you on their website they work with local nonprofits to re-home the books, and any ones they can’t re-use are recycled responsibly. They are veteran-owned, and it’s just a really handy service to have as an option too!

Las Vegas Library

Donation Type: Drop off
Locations: 13 locations around Vegas. View our Book Donation Map and choose “Las Vegas” to find the closest one
Hours: Vary by location
Type of Books Accepted: Fiction and nonfiction, kids’ books, audiobooks, history/art/literary/antique magazines
Website: The Library District

How to Donate

Find the closest Las Vegas Library bookstore location to you by using the link above, and bring your books in during opening hours. They can provide a donation receipt.

Why We Love Las Vegas Library

The Las Vegas-Clark County library system provides great programs for children and adults, and these are funded by sales from their bookstores. Keep your books in your local community by donating to a library branch near you!