“Read on” for all the information you need about donating to Goodwill!

Can You Donate Books to Goodwill?

100%, yes. Goodwill will often have specialized book donation stores, but any Goodwill branch will accept gently used books.

Types of Books Accepted

Goodwill will accept any type of paperback or hardcover book in good condition. As a general rule of thumb, before you’re choosing your books to donate, think if they’re in good enough condition for you to gift to someone. Books with things like broken spines and loose pages probably won’t be taken.

How Does Goodwill Use Your Books?

From testimonials of former and current Goodwill employees online, I’ve gathered that Goodwill either sells donated books in their stores or utilizes online sites like Ebay to ship books to a wider audience.

If you’re looking for a designated nonprofit or local program to give your books to, I’d suggest checking out our Book Donation Map to find an organization like this near you.

Our Book Donation Map shows where to donate locally

Any books Goodwill can’t resell will be recycled.

Benefits of Using Goodwill

They’ll generally accept any type of book. This is advantageous because you know that, as long as your book is in decent condition, you have a place that can make use of it.

A lot of book donation organizations typically won’t accept books like encyclopedias, Readers’ Digests, magazines, and textbooks. You won’t have a problem with this at Goodwill.

Disadvantages of Using Goodwill

Their books are sold for-profit. This is unlike most organizations that accept book donations, as places like literacy nonprofits and libraries will directly use the books to support their community programs.

We don’t generally feature Goodwill or other ‘large’ companies on our city guides on where to donate books. This is not because we resent organizations like this, far from it, we just prefer to highlight nonprofits and libraries who will use your books to directly fund their programs, and ensure your books are kept in the community.

On this note, I thought it was important to create this page as it is a question I often get asked. Unequivocally, Goodwill will accept almost any book in fair condition. 

I never want to discourage anyone from donating a book anywhere, and if it’s easier for you to drop off your stash at a Goodwill, then it’s the right place for you! When it comes to book donations, if there’s a spot you can drop your books off that’s easier while on your grocery or school run, I can’t fault anyone for wanting to make the process as easy as possible. That’s the point of this website: to help streamline your book donation process!

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