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When you’re looking at where to donate books in California, the Golden State certainly shines with the sheer amount of options available to donors. It’s one of the most well stocked (pun intended) states in terms of the number of cities with multiple organizations and locations that accept book donations.


In Los Angeles and the surrounding areas in particular, you’ll find no shortage of book drop locations. LA boasts eleven organizations (nonprofits, libraries etc.) that specifically take book donations, as well as the usual thrift stores and charity shops. This makes it one of the primary cities we feature on this site, perhaps not surprising with its population, but still impressive to see nonetheless. So, for book donations in Los Angeles and other parts of SoCal, the only hard thing will be choosing which organization gets your books!


If you’re looking to donate books to prisons in California, the Prisoners Literacy Project is based in the bay area, and is an organization that prides itself on working to increase literacy, and critical thinking among inmates to best prepare them for life outside incarceration. You can find them featured in our guide on San Francisco book donations.


Do you know a Californian city we haven’t covered and should be? We’ll aim to cover as many places that have a good variety of book donation locations as possible, but feel free to reach out to us if there’s a special organization in California we need to be taking notice of! Local Book Donations has the sole purpose of making it easier to donate your books locally. We take a particular pride in shining the spotlight on literacy charities, libraries, book drives, and general charities that accept book donations in your area.