If your books have reached that chapter of their life where you just can’t keep them around anymore, fear not, because we’ve put together a definitive guide on where to donate books in Brooklyn.

This is a truly local list of all the organizations throughout the borough that accept gently used book donations. This list will include important details on how to donate, where, and what types of books each place will, or won’t, take.

As an FYI, if you find yourself in Long Island, Manhattan, or Queens, be sure to check out or master guide on NYC book donations where you’ll find even more places that will accept your books.

Brooklyn Book Bodega

Donation Type: Drop off in book bin
Locations: Brooklyn Greens, Brooklyn Navy Yard, Old Stone House, Brooklyn Board of Realtors
Hours: Vary by location. See their individual drop off hours on their website here.
50+ Books: Brooklyn Book Bodega Book Hub, 141 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205
Type of Books Accepted: Children’s books, young adult book, school age books, nonfiction books, foreign language books for children 0-18
Type of Books Not Accepted: Religious books, encyclopedias, textbooks, activity books
Website: Brooklyn Book Bodega

How to Donate

Book bins are located at the 4 drop off points across Brooklyn.

For donations of over 50 books, they request you contact them to arrange a drop off at their headquarters on Flushing Avenue.

Why We Love Brooklyn Book Bodega

Parts of Brooklyn are book poor, according to the Brooklyn Book Bodega. Their mission is to introduce reading into low-income communities through partnering with educators and libraries, but also community leaders like sports coaches, and healthcare professionals, to instill a love of reading into children at a young age, wherever they may be.

To date, this awesome nonprofit has donated 346,822 books to over 100,000 New Yorkers!

brooklyn book bodega distributing donated books in brooklyn
An example of how many local organizations the Book Bodega serves

Books Through Bars

Donation Type: Drop off
Location: 123 Columbia Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231
Type of Books Accepted: Paperback books, National Geographics, dictionaries, thesauruses, “how to” books, self-help, art books, some Spanish books
Type of Books Not Accepted: Hardcover books, computer books, children’s books, encyclopedias, outdated books, religious texts
Website: Books Through Bars NYC

How to Donate

The Books Through Bars book drop off is located at Freebird Books at the above address.

They recommend emailing before you drop off, so they can arrange a time for someone to accept the books from you: info@booksthroughbarsnyc.org

Prisoners can’t receive hardcover books, FYI!

Why We Love Books Through Bars NYC

Bonded by a resentment for the lack of quality reading material for inmates in America, Books Through Bars operate as a means for prisoners to access books that can help them genuinely improve themselves.

The organization does this by taking letters from incarcerated men and women, and matching their requests for books with the donated books they’re given. Once they’ve sorted and packaged the books, they will then mail these off to the prisoners.

Note that their selection of books they require may vary, so we advise checking their site for up to date lists.

Books Through Bars at the Brooklyn Book Festival
Books Through Bars at the Brooklyn Book Festival


Donation Type: Drop off
Location: 1720 Church Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11226, USA
Hours: 9am-5pm Mon-Fri
Type of Books Accepted: Children’s books
Website: CAMBA

How to Donate

Drop your books off at their location above.

Why We Love CAMBA

They work with at-risk families, many of whom are refugees, to ensure they have a support base to raise a family in New York. One of their key goals is to increase affordable housing city-wide.

Does Brooklyn Library Take Book Donations?

In short, no. The library’s website currently says they aren’t accepting donations at this time.

Consult our above list of the places that do take book donations in Brooklyn.