Are your books just gathering dust on the shelf? Do they deserve to inspire someone else in a new, loving home? This guide will let you know exactly where to donate books in Kansas City, so you can find a place close to you, while supporting some great causes at the same time.

Note: We prioritize organizations that dedicate time and resources to aiding literacy in their local communities.

Book Drive KC

Donation Type: Pick up from you
Website: Book Drive KC

How to Donate

The Book Drive will do all of the hard work for you. Head over to their website to schedule a collection of your books – as long as you’re in the Kansas City metro area, you can donate without leaving the comfort of your own home! 

Why We Love Book Drive KC

They champion book recycling in Kansas City. After picking up your books, they will re-donate them on your behalf to local churches, schools and youth groups in need of the books.

Hands to Hearts

Donation Type: Drop off in book bin
Location: 9007A W 51st Terr., Merriam, KS 66203
Type of Books Accepted: Children’s books
Donation Receipt: Yes
Website: Hands to Hearts KC

How to Donate

You can donate your books by dropping them off at the above location in the book bins outside their warehouse.

Why We Love Hands to Hearts

Hands to Hearts places a strong emphasis on the importance of reading from a young age, and how this has a significant impact on children throughout their education. The books you donate will be distributed through organizations including schools and churches, but the charity is also hoping to set up a moving bookmobile to provide books to as many children as possible.

Hillcrest Transitional Housing

Donation Type: Drop off
Location: 7824 Quivira Road, Lenexa, KS 66216
Hours: Monday-Friday 10am-5pm Saturday 10am-4pm
Donation Receipt: No

How to Donate

Simply drop your donation off at the above thrift store location during the listed hours.

Why We Love Hillcrest

They’re working to tackle homelessness in Kansas City. As their mission states, “Hillcrest is solving homelessness one family at a time.” Hillcrest Transitional Housing is not a quick fix. Their educational programme guides both individuals and families through the steps from homelessness to independence.  At any time, they are supporting around 100 households.

where to donate books in kansas city
KC Public Library; Credit: Isaac Smith

Friends of the Kansas City Public Library

Donation Type: Drop Off*
Primary Location: 14W 10th St, Kansas City, MO 64105

*Important note: Local Book Donations received word via a comment here that the public library is not accepting book donations at any location. We have tried to reach out to the library to verify this but didn’t receive a response, but on the Friends library site they recommend reaching out to them to coordinate a drop off time.

Their email is:

Why We Love the Public Library

This is a great choice for book donations in Kansas City, as it’s a way to support your local library, who will either list them in online book sales throughout the year, or donate them to groups who need them in the community.

Missouri is not shy of great libraries that are willing to take your donations; the St. Louis Public Library is prominently featured in our roundup of where to donate books in St. Louis.

Johnson County Library

Donation Type: Drop off
Primary Location: 8273 Melrose Drive, Lenexa, KS 66214
Other Locations: See Individual Locations

How to Donate

Most of their library locations can accept small donations dropped off during opening hours apart from the De Soto, Edgerton, Lenexa, Monticello and Spring Hill branches. They suggest bringing no more than about the amount that would fit in a grocery bag. If you have done some serious purging, then you can contact the Friends Donation Sorting Center to arrange an appropriate time to drop off your donation in Overland Park. The phone number is (913) 492-4791.

Reach Out & Read

Donation Type: Host a book drive
Type of Books Accepted: Children’s books
Website: Reach Out and Read KC

How to Donate

Reach Out and Read request that donors host a book drive. They’ll arrange boxes for you, providing you with everything you need to host a successful book drive, then collect from you when you’re finished.

Where To Donate Books in Kansas City: The Sparknotes

  • Book Drive KC
  • Hands to Hearts
  • Hillcrest Transitional Housing
  • The Kansas City Public Library
  • Johnson County Library
  • Reach Out & Read

Now you know where to donate books in Kansas City, you can put some of your old books to good use!