Charm City may be known as ‘The Greatest City in America’, but how does it stack up when you’re looking to donate books? We’ve gone ahead and done all the research for you, so you can find the best places to donate books in Baltimore. 

The Maryland Book Bank

Donation Type: Pick up from you, drop off by loading dock
Location: 1794 Union Ave, Baltimore, MD 21211
Hours: 24/7 book drop
Type of Books Accepted: Kids and adult books
Type of Books Not Accepted: Encyclopedias, magazines, textbooks more than 5 years old
Website: MD Book Bank
Donation Receipt: Available if requested by email

How to Donate

The Book Bank offer a 24/7 drop off at their loading dock, or a $25 fee to pick up your books for residents in Baltimore City and Baltimore County.

The South loading dock is covered so that your contributions will be safe from the elements, and they will be taken in daily by a member of staff. 

Donated books need to be packaged in boxes, bags, or string so that they can be quarantined before distribution or sale. You can make drop offs 24/7 to suit your timetable, but if you require a receipt for your donations it’s best to include a note on your donation, following up with an email to their offices.

book donations baltimore
The famous Raven bookmobile! // Credit: Maryland Book Bank

Why We Love the Maryland Book Bank

For more than 20 years the Maryland Book Bank was part of the nonprofit organization, Baltimore Reads Inc. who provide books for children who otherwise may not have access to literature. They accept all kinds of books, whether they are for children or adults, as those they can’t donate directly to children, they sell to fund their various literacy projects.

During the pandemic they continued to mail books to 5,000 Baltimore City students to keep them reading while access to books has become more difficult. Now, the famous Raven Bookmobile can be seen flying around offering great reads to all!

Book Thing of Baltimore

Donation Type: Drop off
Location: 3001 Vineyard Ln, Baltimore, MD 21218
Hours: 9am-2pm on their selected drop off days
Type of Books Not Accepted: Encyclopedia sets
Website: Book Thing
Donation Receipt: Yes, upon request

How to Donate

Book Thing of Baltimore offer monthly “drop off days”where you can bring your books in to donate. They recommend no more than 6 normal sized boxes of books, due to limited capacity at their warehouse (though I think their local cat enjoys the well-stocked shelves?)

where to donate books baltimore
Quoth the… cat. // Credit: Book Thing

Why They’re a Great Place to Donate Books in Baltimore

Their mission is “to put unwanted books into the hands of those who want them” – and that’s exactly what they do. Founded in 1999, this organization was devastated by a fire at its premises in 2016, causing them to shut down for more than a year, but now they are back and distributing books to anyone who wants them.

All books are accepted, as long as they’re in a readable condition. Some books they receive will be sold, but only as a way to keep the building running, all other books will be stamped with “Not for Resale” and be placed on their shelves to be taken by whoever wants or needs them. 

This brilliant cause also works with organizations such as schools to donate as many as 150,000 books at a time to educational programs, and is a wonderful option if you’re looking to donate used books in Baltimore for a good cause.

Enoch Pratt Free Library

Donation Type: Drop off
Location: 400 Cathedral Street Baltimore, MD 21201 
Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-4pm
Other Locations: 21 other locations in Baltimore. See our Book Donation Map of America and search “Baltimore” for the one nearest you
Type of Books Accepted: Any books in good condition
Website: Pratt Library

How to Donate

Donations to free public libraries are always welcome, and we encourage that at Local Book Donations! If they can’t be added to the library’s shelves, often they’ll be sold to raise funds to keep the library and its literacy/community projects running. Books donated must be in good, usable condition.

If you follow them on Facebook you’ll be able to see the book drives they host throughout the year, collecting books for specific causes, such as their summer drive collecting books for children in pre-K to 5th grade. The central library address is listed above, but be sure contact your local branch to see if they’re accepting there too.

Where To Donate Books in Baltimore: The SparkNotes

  • The Maryland Book Bank
  • Book Thing of Baltimore
  • Enoch Pratt Free Library

So there you have it, there’s no excuse to send those unwanted books to landfill when there’s plenty of places that can put them to good use right in your own city.

We hope that we’ve been able to help you find the best place for re-homing your reading material… before you inevitably buy some more!