Local Book Donations is designed to make it easier to find a place to donate books near you.

We are proud to be the home of the Book Donation Map of America. The map allows you to search for local organizations who will accept your books with all the info on how to donate.

Navigate our site by using the map, or hit the “book donations by state” selector from our menu to search for in-depth guides to cities in your state. Also, check out some of the most popular city guides such as where to donate books in Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, and even where to donate books in LA.

One of our newest guides is on where to donate books in NYC.

We don’t just feature American cities. We’re busy compiling guides from cities all over the world, such as our tips on where to donate books in London.

We love to read, duh! But find out more about where our passion for book donations comes from.

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We Love to Encourage Reading!

Our website shines a spotlight on organizations who distribute books in their local communities and organizations who are on a mission to increase literacy in their community overall.

We’ve also put together some neat reading resources and top tips on how you as parents/uncles/aunts/guardians can help your kids, or anyone, to read and grow!